IMSUG Spring 2020 Update

Update on IMSUG

The board members of the Infor Mid-South User Group have been working on how best to still serve our members since we’ve had to cancel the Spring 2020 meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, we were not out any money since our location was free and we were still far enough out that the catering could be cancelled free of charge. While we will have more details to follow soon, here are a few things we are currently working on or exploring.

State of the Union Virtual Meeting

Towards the beginning of every meeting, we always have an update regarding our user group. Since your respective businesses pay to be a part of our group, we feel it is important to have a dedicated virtual meeting in which we can go over the things we would normally cover in this part of our meetings. So, our first virtual meeting is going to be the IMSUG Update. This will be a sort of State-of-the-Union type meeting. We are also looking to incorporate the usual Infor Update, too.

Since this will be our first meeting, we will keep it short. Hopefully, it will be no more than two hours long. We understand that every one is busy and do not want to take up too much of your time.

Breakout Sessions

We were very excited about some of our upcoming breakout sessions that were to be part of the IMSUG Spring 2020 meeting. Since you can’t come see them, we are going to try and bring some of them to you!

Stay tuned for dates, times, and topics.

Partner Presentations

Over the years, we have had amazing support from our vendor sponsors/partners. Personally, I always enjoy meeting with them as well as hearing all the valuable information they deliver. We are looking at having some dedicated partner presentations in a sort of Question and Answer setting.

Stay tuned!

Fall 2020 Meeting

As of now, we are unsure of what the next full meeting will look like. With things evolving from day to day, it is just too early to try and plan a Fall 2020 IMSUG meeting. These meetings take a LOT of planning, so without being sure of what the situation regarding group gathering will look like, we are planning a contingency of having a full meeting done virtually.

The upcoming virtual meetings we are trying to plan will be a sort of trial run (or runs) leading up to the fall in case we have to do that meeting virtually. We will be working hard with Infor as well as WorkOutLoud to plan and host these virtual meetings.

Wrapping Up

I know that is not a lot of information just yet. However, due to the quick onset of the pandemic, adjusting to new normals both at home and work, and scrambling to cancel our meeting in time, things came at all of us fast! We are finally starting to get a little breathing room so we can work on the IMSUG stuff again.

Please stay tuned and we will update you again soon. We are going to try to do our best to keep the group moving forward and offer all of the great information we have in the past.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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  1. Jason Gardner says:

    Thanks Jeremy, appreciate your leadership and the board’s efforts!

  2. Jeremy, Thank you for the update! If there is anything we can do to assist you, please feel free to reach out to Sophie DesLauriers and myself any time.

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