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Welcome to the home of the Infor Mid-South User Group, or IMSUG. We are formerly known as the Tennessee Lawson User Group (TNLUG). To reach us, fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom. Also, please be sure to follow our other pages to make sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming events. WorkOutLoud is where we currently host our meeting registrations. Be sure to go there and click the blue “Follow” button on the top left of the banner to follow our WorkOutLoud page and get future meeting notifications.


Be sure to follow our Facebook page, too:


WorkOutLoud is our current meeting registration site. Click the below link to go to our page and make sure to follow our page once signed up with WorkOutLoud.

WorkOutLoud Page
Click the blue “Follow” button

Infor Communities

Infor Communities is Infor’s official page for their support of user groups. This is where they post information related to user groups, user group meetings, and also their Power Point presentations. Be sure to join and follow our group. See the below picture for an explanation of how to find our group once you join Infor Communities. Here’s a direct link to our Infor Communities page you can use once you’re signed into Infor Communities: IMSUG Infor Communities Page

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